InSite-Geo Licensing and Support


InSite-Geo software is licensed using a USB key system. The licence can be installed on one computer and used by two people; or the licence can be installed on two computers and used by one person (i.e. an office computer and field laptop). An End-User Licence Agreement (EULA) needs to be accepted by the designated users before the software can be activated.

Additional licenses purchased at the same time are eligible for a discount.

Annual Maintenance Program

The Annual Maintenance Plan includes software support and service updates. Such support and updates are only available while enrolled in the Maintenance Plan.

Software support includes providing email support, at no charge, to assist the software owner in the installation of the software on the owner’s computer system. Additionally, general assistance may be provided in aiding the owner in understanding the capabilities of the various features of the software. However, no-cost assistance is not provided for help in applying IMaGE Software to specific user-defined problems.

Technical support covering processing questions, applications, definitions, interpretation of results, design guidelines, etc., can be provided through the Premium Service Plan. In all instances, the user is encouraged to send the problem description to IMaGE by email in order to minimise the amount of time spent trying to define the problem.

IMaGE reserves the right to determine what qualifies as no-cost assistance and what requires payment. Initially, support will be made available to all users though IMaGE reserves the right to channel support through one designated user for each licence.

Service updates of the software and its documentation will be made available through the Client Area on IMaGE’s website.

Premium Service Plan

The Premium Service Plan (PSP) goes beyond our normal annual maintenance support so that our customers can utilise IMaGE software more effectively and efficiently. Users receive hours of assistance from a team of IMaGE experts at a discount to standard consulting rates. These hours can be used for a one-year period for tasks such as training, guidance on setting up and running projects, and advice on projects. It is up to the user how the hours are used.

Additional hours can be purchased if further training or direct support on a project is required. Travel expenses to the client’s site are not included in the PSP and will be costed separately. The hours for the PSP are only valid for 12 months, after which they will expire.

InSite-Geo Updates

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