Itasca Linux 7.00 Update

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Latest Version: 7.00.146 (Description)
Released On: Monday, Jan 17, 2022

Installation Instructions

FLAC3D, 3DEC, and PFC Suite software are available for the current Long Term Support (LTS) version of Linux Ubuntu 20.04. All three software are provided via a single Debian Linux distribution (*.deb) file. A valid 7.0 (or greater) license is required to run each software.

After downloading the installation file, choose one of the following ways to install the software. Both methods install both the GUI and command line versions of the software.

Open the *.deb file with the Software Install program in the Ubuntu Desktop and click install.


Run the commands:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade

sudo DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive apt-get -y install -f ./filename

To Uninstall

To uninstall run the command:

sudo apt-get remove itascasoftware

Add License Details (console version only)

If using only the console versions of the software use these commands to enter your web license details. Put your email address and password in the appropriate places.

mkdir -p ~/.config/Itasca

touch ~/.config/Itasca/wad700.conf

echo "[weblicense]" >> ~/.config/Itasca/wad700.conf

echo "email=your email here" >> ~/.config/Itasca/wad700.conf

echo "password=your password here" >> ~/.config/Itasca/wad700.conf

Running Programs in Linux

Once installed:

  • program icons are created so it can be easily accessed from the Ubuntu Desktop,
  • programs may be added as a favorite, or
  • the codes can be run from the command line with any of these commands:
    • pfc3d700_gui
    • pfc2d700_gui
    • flac3d700_gui
    • 3dec700_gui
    • pfc3d700_console
    • pfc2d700_console
    • flac3d700_console
    • 3dec700_console

Download Instructions

Click the download link below and double-click on the file name to initiate software installation. Follow the installation directions from above.

Itasca Linux 7.00 Update

Software Update Revisions

Revision Date Description
146 Jan 17, 2022

New features and improvements:
- Ongoing documentation improvements.
- Update security logic.
- FLAC3D Improve interface initialization, thus improve CPU performance for relax excavation with many interfaces.

Bug Fixes:
- PFC Fix issue with clumps in bricks.

145 Jan 5, 2022

New features and improvements:
- Ongoing documentation improvements.
- Update security logic.
- Fix crash when plotting geometry after importing a geometry with only edges but no real polygons.
- Improve color-map attribute for interface plot by node.
- 3DEC Add FISH function block.subcontact.partner.
- 3DEC Add warnings if block face apply does not apply boundary conditions to any faces.
- 3DEC Improve block fixity label plot to show direction of fixity.
- PFC More robust checking of facet information.

Bug Fixes:
- FLAC3D Improve and fix free-field creation for grid with tet zones.
- 3DEC Fix bug in creation of histories for points slightly outside of the model.
- 3DEC Fix bug in block mechanical mass-scale command.
- PFC Fix the nulling so the contacts aren't deleted but inhibited.

144 Dec 2, 2021

New features and improvements:
- Ongoing documentation improvements.
- Update security logic.
- Add zone joint command.
- FLAC3D Some algorithm optimization for Plastic-Hardening model.
- PFC Fix softbond and springnetwork contact models with dashpots and bonded.
- 3DEC Add range jmodel command.
- 3DEC Add fish functions to access finite element gauss point data.
- PFC Add hybrid bolt example.
- PFC Add document contact.force.from.stress intrinsic.

Bug Fixes:
- 3DEC Fix in solving with rigid blocks when not fixed in all degrees of freedom.
- 3DEC Fix in DFN intersection with geometry calculation.
- 3DEC Some fixes to block dynamic eigen command.
- 3DEC Some fixes to command conversion tool.
- 3DEC Fix in deleting blocks that have been excavated and filled.
- 3DEC Fix in plot commands for subcontacts.
- 3DEC Fix in fish function.
- PFC Fix dowel contour plot tolerance issue in rblock applied stress conditions.

143 Nov 2, 2021

New features and improvements:
- Ongoing documentation improvements.
- Update of anisotropic-ubiquitous model.
- Remove some IMASS properties from read-only list.
- FLAC3D Add flag-brittle property to Soft-Soil model.
- FLAC3D Improve zone separation for a grid with bad zones from Griddle.
- PFC Update "Generating a bonded assembly" tutorial.
- PFC Augment rblock.template.find intrinsic to accept ID or name.

Bug Fixes:
- Fix possible incorrect warning in "geometry import" command where set name is explicitly assigned.
- FLAC3D Fix creep time step configuration that input minimum time step may be ignored.
- FLAC3D Correct read-only properties for some models.
- FLAC3D Fix bug when assigning density through python function set_prop.
- 3DEC Fix bug in block zone gen rezone.
- 3DEC Fix bug in timestep determination for long, thin rigid blocks.
- 3DEC Fix computation for quality stress tensor.
- PFC Fix intermediate/maximum principal stress issue in 2D if max principal stress is positive.
- PFC Fix bug if recovering principal values of a null stress tensor in 2D.

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