"Itasca Denver conducted a complex mine pit lake model update and groundwater model to support a mine closure project in central Nevada. Itasca was very responsive, met deadlines, stayed within defined scopes and budgets, and provided us with a quality product to submit to the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection – Bureau of Mining Regulation and Reclamation (NDEP-BMRR). Itasca was asked to present their results to the NDEP-BMRR on multiple occasions and the data was well received by the agency. I would personally recommend Itasca to anyone in need of a highly technically and professionally qualified firm for hydrogeologic projects.”

- Melissa Wendt, Rubicon Environmental Consulting/Premier Gold Mines, Permitting Manager, Nevada

"Stillwater Mining Company embarked on a major expansion program, the Blitz Project, in 2011 at the Stillwater Palladium-Platinum Mine in south-central Montana. As development progressed into uncharted territory, influxes of water became more and more of an issue, not only for the mining group underground, but also for the water managers on surface. What hydrologic regime were we facing? How best do we manage this water? Itasca Denver was chosen during a competitive bidding process in 2016 to help us with just these very questions. Itasca jumped right in and hit the ground running with a crew of experienced hydrogeologists to address our issues. We were very impressed with their attention to the underground data-gathering field work and their use of key, experienced personnel to attack specific tasks. There is a reason the Itasca Denver crew has been referred to as the “gold (nee platinum) standard” in water management personnel. They addressed our situation with strong science and Stillwater was very pleased with the detailed reports and recommendations that were provided in a timely fashion. Stillwater hopes 2016 is just the first year of a multi-year cooperative relationship with Itasca on the Blitz Expansion Project."

- Ennis Geraghty, Senior Project Geologist

"The groundwater modeling [IDI] did on the VB/I70 project has been well received by our client, USEPA Region 8, and the construction contractor. Of particular note was a comment made in a Core Team meeting last week by a geotechnical expert who critiqued the modeling for possible overestimates of flow rates, timeframes, and/or volumes. Not only did he not find any, he complimented the common-sense approach taken and thoroughness of the model set-up, calibration, simulations, and reporting. His wording was that we chose a very qualified team who delivered an excellent product. He had no arguments with the work performed. On a personal note, I have enjoyed working with [IDI] on this project and look forward to more opportunities in the future. Keep up the good work."

- Timothy Shangraw, P.E., Environmental Management Support, Inc., Lakewood, Colorado

“Very efficient! We spent three days up front developing the conceptual model. Time well spent! Itasca’s expertise in hydrogeology and modeling resulted in a quick calibration of the model. Reporting and communication were very effective! Very pleased with the entire process and the results! Great value!”

- Pete Moncla, Hydrogeology Superintendent, Resolution Mine, Superior, Arizona

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